Contraceptives and the teenage user essay

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Contraceptives and the teenage user essay

Pro I believe that birth control should be allowed to be obtained without parental consent. When a girl is requesting to use birth control, she is being mature and responsible and it is her own right, not her parents, to make the decision to have sex or not.

If someone is making the decision to have sex, they should be mature enough to make the decision to be safe about it. Further more, most teens would have sex if they want to regardless if they have protection or not, so it is better to be safe than sorry.


Report this Argument Con I respect your view on the topic however I believe parental consent should be required when a minor wants to obtain birth control. A child under the age of 18 isn't allowed to vote, some don't even have a license however they are engaging in an act that can bring a whole new person to the world.

Maturity is a large factor in the topic of birth control. Often, girls believe that they should get birth control behind their parent's backs to avoid awkward conversation or even disappointment.

However, what girls fail to see is that their parents are there to help them and might surprise them and support their decision to get birth control. Report this Argument Pro I understand your side, and I agree that girls should be able to talk to their parents about obtaining birth control.

However, in cases where a parent would not let his or her child obtain birth control, I believe a young woman should be able Contraceptives and the teenage user essay receive it herself.

If a young woman is interested in obtaining birth control, then chances are she has been or will be sexually active soon, with or without her parents' consent. If she is allowed to get birth control, then the risk of becoming pregnant is decreased significantly, a conclusion that I believe should be a young woman's own right.

If you believe that someone needs parental consent, what age do they no longer need it, 18? Report this Argument Con I understand and respect your arguments. In response to your question regarding age, yes I do believe a girl should wait until the age of eighteen to be able to obtain birth control.

Contraceptives and the teenage user essay

I understand your point that you believe a girl who wants to obtain birth control is already sexually active, however I believe that in some cases the lack of birth control will keep them from becoming sexually active and possibly prevent a mistake from happening.

By allowing a young girl of any age to obtain birth control with no knowledge to their parents, it is making it easy for young girls to make mistakes that they may be too immature to recognize at the time.

Report this Argument Pro I agree with your point that in some cases, a young woman not being able to obtain birth control would prevent her from being sexually active, and therefore might prevent a mistake from happening.

Contraceptives and the teenage user essay

But isn't the point of birth control to prevent a mistake from happening either way? The common age for a girl to become sexually active is Furthermore, each year in United States,toadolescents 19 years of age or younger become pregnant, with a high percentage of that number being unplanned or unwanted pregnancies.

If a young woman could prevent an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy that may or may not end in abortion, why shouldn't she be able to? Report this Argument Con I understand your point however you may be misunderstanding me.

I do believe girls should be able to obtain birth control to take control of their sex life and be able to prevent unwanted and unplanned mistakes.

I agree with you on the fact that girls should be able to obtain such prevention and the high number of teen pregnancy further proves that.

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However I believe the users parents should be involved in the process. Even though a young girl may not want to talk about such topics with her parents, the discussion and decision to get birth control are things that should not be simply left to the opinions and maturity of a freshman or sophomore in high school.

At that age girls are influenced by so many other things that may make a responsible decision difficult. Do you believe that such an important decision should be able to be made by a child of any age?

Report this Argument Pro To answer your question, while I do agree with you that a freshman or sophomore in high school may be influenced by many other factors in her life, she might not be emotionally ready or mature enough to make the decision about obtaining birth control by herself.

However, if this young girl believed she was emotionally stable enough to become sexually active even if she is not she should have the right to obtain birth control in case her parents do not consent. Again, if this young girl was to continue being sexually active even without her parents consent to get birth control, why should she be able to get pregnant which would complicate her life even further?

If she could pay for the birth control pills, and was responsible enough to take them everyday, I don't understand why she should not be able to prevent a mistake from happening. Report this Argument Con No I do not believe that such a mistake should not be avoided.Contraception and birth control is a controversial issue with opposition to the practice of birth control coming from religious quarters.

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Learn more. Eighty-one percent of teen girls said they used birth control the first time they had sex, while about 90 percent said they used it during their last sexual encounter within the previous three months. Up until the s, despite some progress in convincing teens to use contraception, teen pregnancy rates continued to rise because an increasing number of teens were becoming sexually active at an.

Dec 16,  · Those who say contraception is morally wrong do so for a variety of reasons. This argument is based on the premise that life is a good thing.

Holders of this view argue that contraception . And the most user-dependent method of birth control, by definition, is abstinence.

That’s why it yields the biggest gap between perfect and typical use.

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With perfect use, the failure rate of.

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