Female heroine alien

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Female heroine alien

AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004)

Aliens and Predators rip into each other. I suspect a great many geeks and lame individuals inhabiting message boards of every corner of the internet will complain that this film spends too much time with the humans when the name of the film is 'Alien versus Predator' and they couldn't care about the humans, and another sect will whine about how shallow the film is to jump right to the big fight as soon as it can possibly set it up.

The nice thing about the Freddy vs Jason premise is the fact that most of the Elm Street films and none of the Friday the 13th films had any substance to them, so throwing the two juggernauts into a battle rumble with each other with a side of useless characters and uninspired plot shouldn't have phased anyone but the most deluded of fans.

The Alien series and to a much lesser extent, the Predator series too has always been about depth. AVP takes a middle path. It attempts to build up the characters to an extent, it attempts to give a valid reason for both the Female heroine alien and Predators to be in the same location, and it attempts to do it as quickly as it can.

How well does it succeed? I found myself wishing it would either slow down more or pick up the pace. Female heroine alien very pleased to see the stylish Paul Anderson lead this tangled and difficult project. His nods to the original films, in jokes, and slower paced setup were much appreciated from me.

Ninety minutes of guys in rubber suits cut with CG monsters fighting constantly just will not cut it. I felt Anderson rushed the setup or the studio rushed him ; but part of me did grow bored of the characters rather quickly, and I did want to see the Alien and Predators get together sooner than they did.

The lingering time between bouts did create more tension and anticipation for the coming fights, which I admired, and when the beasts finally sank claws and teeth into one another I found myself more or less satisfied.


At first I felt somewhat let down by how seemingly easily a few Predators went down; however, then I remembered these things were fighting Aliens with bare fists and blades when Space Marines were getting slaughtered with state of the art artillery. A classless director would have started with a bang, ended with a bang, and had a boring parade of bangs.

When I want meaningless, yet entertaining, bangs I buy firecrackers and save myself both time and money. Paul Anderson strived for something more, and pretty much came through.

While I did like the film and the idea of Aliens and Predators fighting it out, I couldn't help but compare it to the superior films that inspired it.

Anderson, the man who has directed previous travesties as "Mortal Kombat" and "Resident Evil" doesn't fail to live up to his standards which consist of a horrible script, cheesy "2 kewl 4 skool" directing styles, weak cast, and every other weakness in a film you can think of.

The only person who rivals his ineptness is none other than Uwe Boll. He has already ruined other franchises with his previous films, and now by directing and writing Alien vs. Predator, he has managed to ruin two movie series at the same time.

The story of this film is bay far the weakest aspect of this derision of a movie. Just simply there was a monster trying to kill the good guys, and they had to survive it.

Female heroine alien

The stories were so uncomplicated yet incredibly well written that the viewer could not possibly complain that the story was bad. Predator however attempts to be a big, complex story with deep meaning to it, but it just comes off as being stupid and try hard.

Paul, a complex story is good, only if you know how to write that is. It's about a pyramid that is discovered on Earth in Antarctica. It turns out that this pyramid was part of the first human civilisation ever, that the Predators built it for the humans long ago, and in return, the humans worshiped the Predators as gods and acted as hosts for the captive alien Queens eggs that are in the pyramid, to make Aliens for the predators to hunt, not for sport like in the previous Predator films, but to prove that they are men.

When modern day people go to investigate this pyramid, they become the new hosts for the Aliens that they Predators are going to hunt.

AVP: Alien vs. Predator () YIFY subtitles

Not only is this completely unbelievable, a pyramid in Antarctica? Come on but it totally contradicts the previous Alien and Predator movies.

Female heroine alien

In each Alien movie the point of the film was, "Don't let the Aliens get to Earth or they will kill everything! Having Predators help humans build societies contradicts their nature, and takes away the mysteriousness and awesomeness of the Predator character.

But the thing is even as a stand alone film it's a very weak story. It can be compared to the later Jaws movies where you saw too much of the shark. Both extraterrestrial species are too in your face and have no mystery; leaving them just look like guys in rubber suits running around punching each other.labels: alien invasion-female conversion by alien parasite all antjack u-tube channels (click on the yt logo on the bottom right 2 view my other yt channels) countries who visit this blog.

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