Hamiltonian paths and out branchings that are

New research in the field has made a second edition a necessity.

Hamiltonian paths and out branchings that are

High-school degree student from Svendborg Gymnasium Master degree in mathematics minors in computer science and chemistry from Odense University D Licentiate from Odense University, May D stipend from Odense University - Research Interests Discrete mathematics in particular graph theory, combinatorial optimization, algorithms, heuristics for combinatorial optimization problems, practical applications of combinatorial optimization including routing problems, industrial packing, real-time scheduling and cutting problems, home care scheduling and nurse rostering Research management and funding Leader of three SNF now FNU funded research projects in the periodLeader of the departments research group involved in collaboration with industrial partners.

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This has resulted in external support totalling more than 2 million d. Participant in the research project "Research activity in discrete mathematics", chief investigator, professor Carsten Thomassen, DTU.

For the period we received 7. For the period we got 6. In I received funding approximately 1 million. The last postdoc just finished in August Supervised 12 postdocs from to D students, including one industrial Ph. D student and currently supervising 1 Ph.

Author of more than research publications, almost all of which are in journals. I have written joint papers with more than 50 different researchers.

The first book ever to treat digraphs in a comprehensive way.

Hamiltonian paths and out branchings that are

The second, completely revised, edition pp. The book now has more than citations according to Google Scholar. Invited professor and visiting professor for periods of up to 6 months at Universities and research institutions in Canada: Referee for all major research journals publishing papers in graph theory and several conferences in algorithmics.

Reviewer of grant several grant applications for the research councils in France and Hong Kong. Participated in a number of cases as chair in several hiring committees both in Mathematics and Computer Science for positions at all academic levels.

Technology transfer through collaboration with external partners During the 5 year period I was in change of a group which collaborated with external partners on optimization problems.

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We collaborated with a number of companies and public organizations including: Member of the study-board for data-technology and the study-board for natural sciences and Member of the departments teaching board several times. The last time from Member of several accreditation boards computer science, applied mathematics, mathematics of the department.

Publikationer Basic terminology, notation and results Bang-Jensen, J. Springer Monographs in Mathematics. Completing orientations of partially oriented graphs Bang-Jensen, J.

Journal of Graph Theory. Locally semicomplete digraphs and generalizations Bang-Jensen, J. Out-degree reducing partitions of digraphs Bang-Jensen, J. Association for Computing Machinery, s. Antistrong Digraphs Bang-Jensen, J.

Journal of Combinatorial Theory. Hereditary properties Bang-Jensen, J. Enumerable properties Bang-Jensen, J.A Hamiltonian cycle (or Hamiltonian circuit) is a Hamiltonian path that is a cycle. Determining whether such paths and cycles exist in graphs is the Hamiltonian path problem, which is NP-complete.

Generalizations of tournaments: A survey The reader will see that tournaments are by no means the only class of directed graphs with a very rich structure.

We describe, among numerous other topics mostly related to paths and cycles, results on hamiltonian paths and cycles. Out-branchings with Extremal Number of Leaves Nathann Cohen, Fedor V. Fomin, Gregory Gutin, Eun Jung Kim, Saket Saurabh, and Anders Yeo, Algorithm for Finding k -Vertex Out-trees and its Application to k -Internal Out-branching Problem.

Abstract. The class of tournaments is by far the most well-studied class of digraphs with many deep and important results.

Since Moon’s pioneering book in [], the study of tournaments and their properties has flourished and research on . More precisely, the problems we study are the following: Arc-Disjoint Branchings and Non-Disconnecting Out-Branching.

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In Arc-Disjoint Branchings (Non-Disconnecting Out-Branching), a digraph D and a positive integer k are given as input and the goal is to test whether there exist an out-branching and in-branching (respectively, a spanning tree in the underlying undirected graph) that differ on at least k arcs.

Digraphs: Theory, Algorithms and Applications. Jǿrgen Bang-Jensen and Gregory Gutin. Publisher: Springer. Hamiltonian Paths with a Prescribed End-Vertex Arc-Disjoint In- and Out-Branchings Out-Branchings with Extremal Number of Leaves.

Generalizations of tournaments: A survey