Importance learning history essay

The first distinguished speaker at the recent forum on "Justifying the Humanities" followed a recent trend by asserting that the humanities were invented in the American university of the s as an organizational convenience. The second distinguished speaker explained that in their current "somewhat dated" form the humanities are a product of the Cold War, developed in the s through courses in the Great Books and Western Civilization.

Importance learning history essay

Student Answers hermy27 Student One of the greatest benefits of studying history is that it allows us a chance to learn about who we came from. The people of the past are those who came before us, and it is interesting to see how some of the thoughts, attitudes, and practices of today can differ so drastically from those throughout history.

On the other side of that coin, it can be fun to learn about ideas that began years ago that are still a modern day issue. An example of this would be to look back at the suffragettes of the early 20th century who paved the way for the modern day equal rights movement.

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They were fighting to make sure that women could be treated as equal citizens of our country, including the right to vote, own property, Importance learning history essay hold credit. In fact, it wasn't until the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of that women were allowed to possess a credit card in their own names not attached to a father or husband's account.

The equal rights movement is still a current hot topic years later. Throughout history there have been both great successes and horrific failures. As the saying goes "those who are unfamiliar with their history, are bound to repeat it". Studying history allows us to build on our accomplishments and learn from our mistakes.

History all puts life into perspective. It allows individuals to see where they came from which better allows them to situate themselves in their own lives. History can show you a lot about past human civilization, successes in the past, great ancestors, failures and disasters, and so much more about the past.

You would be more aware about the world and much smarter if you learned about history.

Importance learning history essay

If you don't learn about history you might repeat the past mistakes in history. Wiggin42 Student Whether to study History or not is not a question at all.

As a human we should know or have a curiosity to who was our ancestors? How did they live? It reveals not only our past but how we can design our future in a better way.

There are valuable lessons in analyzing our past to figure out the future outcome without paying a huge price for it.

Studying history allow to learn from the mistakes of our ancestors so we do not do the same things they did and work to become a better place. It allows us from repeating the same mistakes and allows us to avoid worse results than those seen in the past.

History teaches us lessons learned from previous mistakes. It teaches us what this country should do and shouldn't do. Because we know the consequences already. This says it all, "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it".

During their time,there's no any machines that they can use like us now. Those questions and so many more are not going to be answered without history. History has its importance because: It increases our knowledge of our cultural heritage and our ancestral roots where we originate from.

It also enhances knowledge on cross-cultural diversity on an international level. It helps us inculcate moral values as we learn of the courage and diligence of the men and women who portrayed such traits in the past.

Besides, we also learn from past mistakes made by our forefathers and avoid repeating them. It helps students develop their research skills and assess sources of information. It educates us about the evolution of man.

So this subject is an important aspect that students must study. Looking back at past events helps us shape the present and the future. Its main focus is on the study of the origins of life and it's consequences on earth, as also the origins of our universe as envisioned by our earliest predecessors, and gradually passed on to their descendants.

According to history scholars, the first period is the pre-history stage. The earliest humans gradually evolved in communication through their actions, sounds and signs to formulate languages.

Information was first handed down orally which became legends and then when written language prevailed, history was recorded for posterity. History is of vital importance to the human race because it primarily recounts the rise and fall of human civilizations.

Historians are able to piece together life spans of generations and understand and compare progress and regress for future generations to come, possibly for the future survival of the human race as a whole.The Importance of History in Our Own Lives These two fundamental reasons for studying history underlie more specific and quite diverse uses of history in our own lives.

History well told is beautiful.

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national history textbooks seems to be to glorify the nation, to explain why “we” are better than anyone else, and to justify why we should impose our religion, our system of government, and our values on other people in other parts of the world.

Importance of History Essay Words | 4 Pages. Many students wonder why the study of history is so important in today’s curriculums. A simple answer to that is, one cannot proceed without knowledge of the past, or to say that one learns from others mistakes as well as their own.

The importance of History is immense. We can bifurcate its important aspects of this essay into the following paragraphs. History as Chronicle of Facts: The modern historian prides himself on being a recorder of attested and verified facts. He dives into all ancient records and he studies these with a scientific mind and tries to convey to the reader the fact as it most probably was.

Too often, history is overlooked or dismissed, when every decision that we have ever made has been made before, in one form or another, over the course of history. The past lives in us.

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