Influence of electronics on teenagers

Here are 25 negative effects technology can have: Isolation Social isolation is characterized by a lack of contact with other people in normal daily living, such as, the workplace, with friends and in social activities. We isolate ourselves by walking around in our own little world, listening to our iPods or staring at the screen of the latest mobile device even when we are around other people.

Influence of electronics on teenagers

Adolescence is a time where hormones rage and the brain undergoes a surge of growth. These ripe conditions create the perfect storm for moody and impulsive teenagers.

In modern times, we have charged the atmosphere by adding social media to their environment.


Now, our teens are caught in a turbulent cycle of ups and downs all being recorded on the internet. Image Courtesy of Shutterstock In the storms of life, a lot of factors influence what direction we take.

We need to be aware of some of the common danger signs to watch for and when we should be worried that our child is heading for trouble.

The last thing parents is to send children into a brewing storm completely unprepared. There are a multitude of elements working inside the brain of a teenager when it comes to making good decisions.

These include cognitive, psychological, social, cultural, and societal factors. Research has found that adolescents find it more difficult to control impulsive behaviors if they are with their peers or if high emotions are involved.

Most teenagers want to be accepted by their peers and desire to belong to the group. Jumping on the bandwagon for cyber bullying and inappropriate sharing of images may be hard to resist when group mentality streams in and starts to brew up trouble.

Teenagers are able to be connected 24 hours a day to social media, allowing them constant exposure to carefully molded profiles that project perfected images.

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Social media has been known to produce anxiety and low self-esteem problems in teenagers and adults. People, especially teenagers, work feverishly on maintaining their reputation on social media.

The constant connectivity and peer pressure can place a lot of stress on a teen. Donna Wick, a clinical and developmental psychologist, children never get a break from the social media and that produces anxiety. Unplugging for certain periods during the day may benefit brain development.

Parents need to recognize that updates and comments create a very intense and fast paced environment that is similar to fast paced television programming.

A person could conclude that social media might produce similar results in brain function.

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Image Courtesy of Shutterstock Social media can damage and inflict chaos on teenagers, but social media can also be used for good.

Teenagers are able to access a world of ideas and knowledge where they are able to develop friendships with people who share similar interests and hobbies. Social media can also promote acceptance and tolerance to combat common teen problems like bullying, eating disorders, and social concerns.

We can bask, enjoying the warmth and calm posts, but parents need to keep an eye on the changing social conditions. Social media can easily turn into a violent and scary situation.

As parents, we need to keep informed and monitor what teenagers are doing.

Influence of electronics on teenagers

Open the line of communications and give children the tools they will need in life to protect themselves from a potential social media downpour.

Amy Williams is a journalist in Southern California. As a mom of two, social media is a constant force to be reckoned with and she finds that keeping open lines of communication is often the best way to keep a healthy balance at home.Influence of Electronics on Teenagers • Technology advancement is one of the most essential factors for teenagers in the western societies.

However, under circumstances not all will be directly involve or share the knowledge of these latest inventions of technology. Due to the enormous development of technologies, this era can also be called. Tobacco and Alcohol. Tobacco and alcohol advertising is a particularly negative influence on teenagers, according to a issue of Pediatrics, and tobacco and alcohol companies tend to target young people who are susceptible to this timberdesignmag.comd: Jun 17, THE INFLUENCE OF MEDIA ON TEENAGERS Author: Nenad Jevtic Mentor: Biljana Pipovic, English teacher Abstract The media exerts an enormous, almost a normative influence, over the lives of men, women, adolescents and children.

It influences, particularly among teenagers, the ways in which individuals and groups dress, talk, behave, and think. Social media has the power to influence a teen’s decision making skills by connecting them to their peers.

Teenagers are able to be connected 24 hours a day to social media, allowing them constant exposure to carefully molded profiles that project perfected images. The Child Mind Institute examines the impact technology has on self-esteem in adolescence and how parents can help.

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How does social media affect teens? The Child Mind Institute examines the impact technology has on self-esteem in adolescence and how parents can help. How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers En Español Experts say kids are.

Influence of electronics on teenagers

Teenagers And The Media. The effect that our society has on young adolescents is a profound and dangerous one. Our culture is filled with endless outlets of expression, advertising, and persuasion, many of which are used without any thoughts as to the moral consequences they bear.

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