Outback steakhouse case analysis

When the dish made its way into the United States via Texas the word transformed into "barbecue" and the preparation changed to incorporate above-ground techniques such as smoking and grilling. The good news is that we can recreate the beef barbacoa that Chipotle has made popular on its ginormous burritos without digging any holes in our backyard or tracking down a local source for fresh cow faces.

Outback steakhouse case analysis

Bain Capital-Outback Steakhouse Case Solution Substitutes The threat of the Outback steakhouse case analysis product is high in the restaurant industry as the substitute product for the restaurants is the bakery shops and coffee shops.

Other biggest substitute product for that is that the consumer can cook their food from their home to fulfil their hunger.

The switch cost is low for the customer and the availability of the substitute product is high. Industry rivalry The competitive rivalry is high among all of the restaurants as many of the restaurants are engaged in promotion and sales activity for attracting more customers.

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The restaurants are using differentiation strategy for attracting customers in terms of quality, pricing and taste. The switching cost for the customer is low which causes high competition in the restaurant market. Anotherstrategy which the competitor is using for retaining its customer is through building customer relationship and offering loyalty and reward programs.

SWOT analysis Strengths Strong Brand Image Outback Steakhouse has astrong brand image in the market due to its differentiation strategy which has helped the restaurant company in generating a high amount of sales leading to more cash inflows for the company.

It has also established its strong brand through effective marketing strategy through its promotional activity and sales promotion.

The company has achieveda high level of sales due to its strong brand image. The company has also made loyal customers through its strong brand image and effectively uses customer relationship management for creating arelationship with its customers.

Creativity Menu Another strength of the Bain Capital restaurantis the menu in which it is creative and innovated menu which will continually upgrade the company in the eyes of its customer as customers would tend to increase due to the innovation in the menu.

The restaurant is attracting more customers through its creative menu and is still looking better ways for enhancing its food which would take less time to service and will add more value to the company. Preferences of the customers Another strength of the restaurant is that it is familiar with the preferences of the local customer which helps the company in bringing new creativity and innovation of different recipes which leads to abetter taste of food and through this the customers recognizes the company more appropriately if compared with the competitors.

Bain Capital could take advantage by charging premium price due to being known for providing food according to the customer preferences. Lack of international market experience Bain Capital lacked the market expense for conducting its business in the international market.

The company was not able to effectively expand its business as it would result in heavy expense and it might lead to ahuge loss for the overall operations as one business unit internationally.


Poor Promotional activity Bain Capital had failed for creating awareness among the foreigners who visited the country which resulted in negatively affecting its profits and sales.

This will make it difficult for the restaurant to compete with other restaurants in the foreign country. There were many strong branded restaurants which usually interfered with the promotional activity such as KFC and McDonalds in which the foreigners usually preferred to eat on those places rather than Bain Capital.

Inefficiency of Operations Bain Capital had ineffective operations which resulted in high cost of products and also affected the profits of the company. The restaurant did not have the operational efficiency as required to compete successfully in the market and hence might find it difficult to survive in the market in the near future.

Backward integration One of the opportunities for the Bain capital is to engage in the backward integration by becoming its own supplier of materials and food rather than buying from its supplier which would result in reducing its cost and securing the supplier more easily.

Menu Expansion Another of the opportunity for the company is to expand its menu by offering more food items according to the customer preference. The company should try to discover new dishes which would attract the customers such as bringing creativity to its deserts and main meals.

This would help in attracting more customers, increasing loyalty and improving the overall profits of the restaurant. The restaurant could also gain a competitive advantage by offering more dishes to the customers. Poor Economic condition One of the biggest threat for the Bain capital is the poor economic condition.

The economy of the country is not stable which either falls or is stable. This causes the prices of all the commodities to increase which results in increasing the products prices as well. This leads to many of the customers to ignore eating in the restaurant which would drop the revenue and profits of the restaurant.Old West Stories - a forum for tales about the wild, wild west, cowboy stories, western legends, history of the old west, fact, fiction and exaggeration from the trails that are part of the mystery that are Old West Stories.

Have you ever wondered why the Outback Steakhouse Baked Potato tastes so good? What do they do differently from you and me? The potatoes have a magnificent salt crisp crust with a moist, tender inside. Overview of the Outback Case Study Analysis The authors of the Outback Goes International study, (hereinafter the “Study” or “Case”) depict a restaurant company, Outback Steakhouse, (“Outback”, the “Business”, or the “Company”) that by had experienced significant .

Outback steakhouse case analysis

One Outback Steakhouse commercial played with this — the proprietor was offering a free steak to whoever could hit a bullseye on a dartboard. Drivers - Craft Beer and Quality Food.

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