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Being certified as a project management professional PMP is advantageous for many reasons.

Project management academy

I must say the class was incredibly helpful in passing my PMP in Feb Most of the people take the exam a month or two after the training but i took it in Feb and passed!

Gregg is fantastic trainer and easy to understand. He has it laid out in such a way that Project management academy would remember the concepts. Gregg has a great sense of humor too! His class was not only informative but very entertaining. He shared about his experience on the exam and gave some useful tips.

I was very nervous before the class if i would last the whole thing.

PMP Training - Project Management Academy

Gregg made it all easy for me to understand the concepts. He was very helpful when I reached out to him 6 months after the training and answered all my questions.

Thank you for Project Management Academy for having such great trainers who are excellent at their jobs and know their subject really well.

It seemed pretty daunting, but Gregg Ritchie made it as painless as possible. The lessons were quick but slow enough to cover the basics. He also gave very good points for helping to not just memorize the material, but learn it.

I attended the bootcamp with Jeff. He was a great teacher and knew his stuff. The class was both informational and entertaining. I think it was due to Jeff being such a charismatic and great teacher.

Project management academy

The course is well worth the effort and I passed it on my first try. Jeff not only taught in Seattle but also for the San Jose location. By chance, my friend ended up with Jeff as her instructor in San Jose and she also passed on her first try.

If the course is taught by Jeff, I would definitely tell you to take the class with him. As a whole the PM Academy is great.

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Easy of use and well build test banks and processes so that it will guide you through all that you need to become a certified PM. I took this class in August with Benjamin Rebeske. He was a fantastic teacher with a good sense of humor. He provided real world examples and a lot of tips for passing the exam.

As another reviewer noted, the class taught me that I had a much longer road of studying before me than I thought I did. The binder, knowlege sheets and the PMP strategy Guide were invaluable.

The website is terrific and since I waited a bit after the bootcamp, I reviewed the online PMP course and all the associated quizes. Plus I took 6 practice exams and I also re-took the mock exam.

Thank you PMA, I never would have passed without you! I chose the Project Management Academy based on solid online reviews.

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Jon Sysel was our instructor for the 4-day bootcamp and he did a fantastic job! There is a lot to cover during the bootcamp and Jon provided effective techniques to remember the core principles for exam preparation. He provided a lot of real-world examples to put the processes in context based on his own experience.Constant change and the competitive pressures of the marketplace are transforming the world’s economy.

In today’s organizations, projects are the stepping-stones of transformation. The Project Management Academy (PMA) for the past 3 years has catered for most learning interventions relating to project management.

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It has been our experience that the PMA has excellent facilitators with a thorough understanding of project management theory combined with practical project management experience.

This is a short project management course that is made up of two subjects, and can be completed within four months.

This is the homepage / courses area. Graduate of the Year Awards. The Project Management – Graduate of the Year Awards recognise and honour individuals, who have excelled in their project management studies with the Institute of Project Management.

A successful project includes more than just delivering the end result to the client. It involves communication between all of the team members, planning, human resources leadership, as well as the ability to identify new risks.

The SMU CAPE Certificate in Project Management is a non-credit. In this lesson, you will learn about the definition of project management. An example of project management will be used to give a general understanding of the topic. - Project Management Academy