Simple mechanical engineering thesis

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Simple mechanical engineering thesis

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Description Book — 1 online resource. Summary Turbulent, dispersed multiphase flows are of critical importance in a wide range of application areas. However, only a limited set of experimental techniques currently are available for studying particle-laden flows: Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI is a powerful tool that can provide fully quantitative, 3D experimental data without the need for optical access.

In recent years MRI has been applied to the study of single-phase flows across a broad range of problems from the engineering, environmental, and medical arenas. MRI data sets are particularly well suited for validating CFD simulations of complex 3D flows because comprehensive data coverage can be obtained in a relatively short time.

The present work describes development, validation, and application Simple mechanical engineering thesis a new diagnostic, wherein MRI is used to obtain the 3D mean volume fraction field for solid microparticles dispersed in a turbulent water flow.

Simple mechanical engineering thesis

This technique was designed to maintain the same advantages of existing MRI-based techniques: The MRP method and underlying physics were validated through several studies, increasing in complexity from a single particle suspended in a gel to a fully turbulent channel flow seeded uniformly with particles.

This good agreement was observed for two fully turbulent Reynolds numbers, and 12, and over most of the measurement domain. However, the measured proportionality constant was lower than expected in the the furthest upstream portion of the channel; several potential reasons for this discrepancy were identified, but none could be proven conclusively at this stage.

Following the validation experiments, MRP was applied to three application cases drawn from real-world flows of interest.

First, the dispersion of two particle streaks in a model human nasal passage was studied. The results showed that almost all particles reaching the upper portions of the nasal passage e.

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The second case involved MRP concentration measurements for a particle streak in a generic gas turbine blade internal cooling passage. Results in this case provided evidence that small dust-like particles ingested into a cooling passage may behave inertially in the presence of fine flow features, such as the recirculation regions behind ribbed flow turbulators.

In the final case, the performance of a particle separator device proposed by Musgrove et al. The two techniques were in agreement regarding the poor overall effectiveness of the separator, and the 3D MRP data were used to examine the particle transport physics and suggest potential design improvements.

Taken together, results from the three test cases showed that MRP can provide quantitative, 3D particle concentration data in application-relevant flows, leading to unique insights that would not be possible with existing measurement techniques.The mechanical design changes are being focused on the TE Lab building.

This was chosen due to the fact that the lab has extremely high cooling loads (30% of entire facility’s cooling load). The Mechanical Engineering program offers graduate study leading to the degrees of Master of Science and in Mechanical Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering with a Mechanical Engineering concentration.

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CURRENT STUDENTS · ALUMNI + DONORS · FACULTY + STAFF · timberdesignmag.comOR. Mechanical Project Proposal Proposal of Alternative Systems Peter Edwards Advisor: Dustin Eplee 12/10/ Thesis Proposal Peter Edwards to the loads. According to Tony Valenza, a mechanical engineer for CJL Engineering who worked on the Des Places project, Duquesne University specifically required the use of Whalen.

Simple mechanical engineering thesis

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