The blunders of the latest presidential candidates

Here was someone who proudly referred to herself as a "social media expert" who had committed an unacceptable offense over a minor dispute with a Bell customer service agent. Blanc, who is transgender, upset that the Bell employee had called her 'monsieur' over the phone because of her masculine voice, went on to say "you sound African, but I don't call you mon petit negre", or "my little negro.

The blunders of the latest presidential candidates

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Bolsonaro is running against leftist candidate Fernando Haddad of the Workers' Party. The bitterness of Brazil's presidential election campaign so far doesn't seem to have spilled over into the voting itself.

The head of the Organization of American States' election observation mission says voting has been taking place in a climate of "tranquility and normality. Rosa Weber says the "tranquility gives me a sensation of happiness. It is a celebration of democracy. The two candidates to become Brazil's next president have cast their ballots along with millions of other Brazilians.

Far-right former Army captain Jair Bolsonaro voted in a military compound in Rio de Janeiro surrounded by security and supporters who shouted his name. He did not speak to the press. Fernando Haddad of the leftist Workers' Party voted in Sao Paulo and said he was "confident we can win.

They included popular former supreme court justice Joaquim Barbosa, who tweeted that Bolsonaro's candidacy scared him. Polls ahead of Sunday's vote showed Bolsonaro with a 10 percent advantage. Still, the race appeared to be tightening, as just weeks before Bolsonaro had an point lead.

Bolsonaro cast his vote in Rio de Janeiro, which he represents in Congress.

The blunders of the latest presidential candidates

Haddad was expected to vote later Sunday in Sao Paulo. During the first round of voting on Oct. Bolsonaro has promised to crack down on crime and overhaul the economy. Haddad has promised a continuation of many progressive policies of his Workers' Party, which governed from to Coverage of the US presidential election with presidential candidate biographies, finances, and pro and con positions on key issues.

He wasted valuable campaign time defending his problematic candidate and her social media blunders. There may come a time when voters won`t see loyalty but an inability to make hard decisions to get rid of the albatross around your neck.

The Democratic presidential debate is underway, with three candidates set to clash over health care, gun policy and more.

Panelists talked about misstatements and blunders of political candidates that became news stories in recent campaigns. Topics included Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s “ Supporters of Jair Bolsonaro, presidential candidate with the Social Liberal Party, sing the national anthem in front of his house during the presidential runoff election, in Rio de Janeiro.

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