The different issues faced and solved by a christian minister

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The different issues faced and solved by a christian minister


Dealing with Problems within the Church. By Glenn Daman Problems arise in any and every church. The fact that the church is composed of fallen people seeking to serve a fallen world where Satan and his cohorts are seeking to destroy the church means that we will encounter all types of difficulties and challenges.

The problems within the church may range from organizational struggles to conflicts, from problems with attendance to issues of program effectiveness. This can be especially problematic in the small church where we feel that we are always living on the edge of financial and organizational viability.

Anytime there is even a minor decrease in attendance or giving we feel pressure to respond quickly and decisively to the perceived problems least we lose more people and suffer greater financial shortfalls. Within the small church, problems are exponentially felt because of the rippling effect that it has within the small church and the impact even the loss of one or two families can have upon the whole congregation.

Consequently, our natural tendency when problems arise is to react quickly in fear that the problems will escalate and further damage the church. So we become reactionary rather then prayerful and thoughtful in our response.

We make knee-jerk reactions that often provide short-term solutions, but fail to address the real issues involved. How we respond can often have a greater negative impact that even the problem itself.

In addressing the problems and issues in the church it is helpful to avoid some of the pitfalls that not only will fail to solve the problem, but further add to it.

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When problems arise the first reaction is to identify and treat the symptoms. Often when issues arise within the church there are often underlying issues that are causing the problem.

For example, there may be some conflicts arise over the style of worship that the church is having. At first glance, it may appear that the problem relates to music and personal tastes regarding style. However, when examined more closely, it may be that the real issue is low morale because the church is not attracting new people.

As a result, disagreements arise because people have different ideas on how the style of music may contribute or hinder the outreach of the church. Just addressing the issue of music may ease the tension regarding the choice of music, but soon tensions will rise in another area such as the style of preaching by the pastor as people continue to struggle with identifying possible reasons new people are not coming to church.

When the church is struggling with problems, one of the questions that the board should examine is whether or not there are underlying problems that need to be addressed as well.

Avoid the turtle solution: No body likes conflict and tension and as a result when the church is facing significant struggles, the natural tendency is to ignore the problem and hope that they will eventually go away. There are times when it is an appropriate response to delay action in order to see if things do resolve themselves, otherwise the church board would be constantly dealing with petty problems that would both paralyze the board as well as develop a controlling atmosphere within the church.

However, when problems arise that begin to affect the whole church, or they are not moving towards resolution, but creating more tension, then it is necessary for the board to example the issues in order to determine if immediate action is necessary.Christian Church Essay Examples.

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First allow me to go down memory lane. I recently got out the first issue of MINISTRIES: The Magazine for Christian Leaders. Lesson Solving Problems in the Church (Acts ) Verse 7 shows the result of this problem being solved: God’s Word kept on spreading, the number of disciples increased greatly in Jerusalem, and even a great many of the priests became obedient to the faith.

If you are a Christian, but are not using your gifts to serve the Lord. A pastor may list all the problems faced in the church and then classify the problems. He will be amazed at the fact that almost all of them did exist at Corinth in essence. Paul not only failed to use human wisdom for the solution; he repudiated the very concept of the use of human wisdom in solving the problems.

The different issues faced and solved by a christian minister

To solve problems in the local church, both leaders and people must be spiritual people in submission to God’s Word. Since seven is the biblical number of perfection, I want to give you seven principles for problem solving in the church, derived from our text.

First, what do I mean by “spiritual” people? 1. Different individuals and different societies have different perceptions. In Rights of Man and Common Sense, Valence issues versus position issues. A valence issue is a social problem that people uniformly interpret the same .

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