The values americans live by

See results Future Orientation We often talk about what our children and grand-children are going to have to contend with, once they assume the responsibilities of the country. We used to just assume that with the idea of upward mobility, people would be better off than the generation before. This is one place I don't agree with Mr. I don't think we've been thinking of the future that much, considering our use of non-renewable resources.

The values americans live by

First of all I would like to express something about values. I think values are something really important in any culture. Since they made us as we are, values can also judge a country without knowing as it is. I would like to comment this article according to my experience in the United States.

I had the opportunity to live and work in the USA, and if I had known about how people are there, I would have taken the things a little bit more relaxing. I shall comment the articles that I like most with examples which I lived there. I do not if I got the main idea The values americans live by this value but I would like to share this as a part of the culture of USA.

I think every person in the United States has an important control over the environment they have, and you can notice that and also you can even change the way you have been used to think.

When I arrived in the United States and I see the ideology people have to preserve the environment and with this the responsibly they also get with this.

Sometimes I became to think how beautiful can be a country in which people really think about the consequences of throwing away garbage. Time and its control: For Americans it is important to be on time and control it as a part of a good image.

When I started to work there was a little bit difficult for me to try to be on time all the time. No because I did not want, but because it is something that you cannot ever control. What I mean is that we are used to do this and most people do not care about it. Of course I had to learn and managers understood me.

I would like to say that this is not something just about Costa Rican people, when I was there I met a lot of people from Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina and everybody had problem with the time.

I do not agree with this value in USA. I did of course lotof friends from USA, and most of them did not even want to leave the house but some people see this as a tradition and they told me their parents obliged them to leave the house just because they finished high school.

Of course I got friends who really like leaving from house and becoming independent.

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I never could understand how Americans can work too much time without getting tired. Informality is something I really like in USA. I think people do not worry about what to wear. They can use the same pants even one week and they do not care. When you are working they do not care if you got any tattoo or any piercing they just want you to work.What Are Core Values of a Company?

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L.R. Kohls: “The Values Americans Live By - 5 - labor may be enjoyed at a later time. (This latter concept is called “delayed gratification”.) 4. Equality/Fairness Equality is, for Americans, one of their most cherished values. This concept is so important for Americans that they have even given it a .

But be prepared: the values Americans live by may seem strange to you.

The values americans live by

As a result, you might find their actions confusing, even unbelievable. This is the kind of advice Dr. L.


Robert Kohls gives first time visitors to the United States. In the year since President Trump’s inauguration, Washington Post photographers set out to explore what unites Americans, through portraiture and audio interviews.

What values and beliefs are. Values and Beliefs of an American People Long before America received a name, there existed a dream of a good land that man might discover. Get this from a library! The values Americans live by. [L Robert Kohls].

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