Words worth

Examples of worth in a Sentence Noun A diamond's worth is determined partly by its cut and clarity. The worth of the stocks has increased.

Words worth

Since I reviewed a piece of shit last time, I decided to review something highbrow. This piece of shit begins with God himself acting as the narrator.

In the beginning, God created the light tribe and shadow tribe. He also created a tablet called "Wordsworth" which will bestow divine understanding on the person able to translate it. However, an evil force destroyed the tablet and the armies and light and dark have been fighting each other for centuries because each blames the other.

Our MC Astral is an idiotic pervert who happens to be the prince of Darkness. The forces of light attack and some sorceress girls get taken POW.

Words worth

The first sorceress named Maria is raped by a horseman that looks like Bojack Horseman less than 10 minutes in. Words worth thank God that this Japanese voice actor never worked again in anime. Gilbert Gottfried has a much more soothing voice than this guy!

Maria uses a spell to knock Bojack out of the room, but our man Astral walks in and decides to rape the exhausted Maria.

Oddly enough, he acts like he has never seen a vagina before and at first thinks it is a battle wound, despite peeping on his fiancee in the shower just 5 minutes earlier! After a truly disgusting rape scene, our first episode ends with the Light Forces resuming their attack using a giant robot.

This episode begins with the 2nd sorceress POW getting raped by 2 anthropomorphic Pigmen. Our heroic rapist Astral joins a cat girl and tries to charge into battle against the Light Army.

However, first we have to watch the cat girl get raped by a giant spider with a tentacle tongue. Yep, even Pennywise gets his fuck on in this god damn train wreck!

Meanwhile the evil general of the Light Army, who is the father of the 2 sorceresses, decides to rape Sharon right on the battlefield.

A random elf girl decides to try stop the evil general, but he quickly kills her. This gives Astral the motivation to try kill the general. Instead of killing him, this attack sends him 20 years into the future and gives him amnesia.

Fucking of course it does! Astral has been wandering the Earth with amnesia and one day saves a naked woman named Mew from getting raped by a bear. Unfortunately, evil general now evil grandpa generalrecognizes Astral and decides to have him executed.

Astral beats the shit out of the guards and this impresses evil general enough to try use Astral as his tool. Meanwhile, it turns out that the 2 obviously evil advisers to the kings of Light and Dark are perpetuating the war and are the ones who broke the Wordsworth tablet in the first place.

After saving Mew from a wolf demon that explodes for absolutely no reason, Astral decides to fuck her. Even Craster from Game of Thrones would be disgusted! I have no idea why I made a 2nd GOT reference. Episode 3 ends with our 2 evil advisers laughing over their evil plans and speaking them out loud for no reason.

This is overheard by an anthropomorphic bat girl, but before she can fly away, the advisers fuse into a tentacle beast and rape the bat girl.

This somehow turns her evil. Bat girl decides to attack Astral However, he is saved by a mysterious new girl named Rita.A recent Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling (Martin v.

City of Boise, U.S. App. LEXIS ) has generated a measure of concern, confusion and misinformation regarding the enforcement of a jurisdiction’s public camping and sit-lie related ordinances.

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The warring tribes of Light and Shadow blame each other, and their accusations lead to all out war! Astral, the undisciplined heir to the. 7 reviews of Words' Worth "You can't judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a bookstore by its.

Words' Worth is an oh-so-cleverly named bookstore in the heart of Munich's Universitaet neighborhood that delivers a serviceable, but not /5(7).

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